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Podcast: How to build relationships with your governors

Tes talks with Liz Free, CEO of an IB continuum school in Switzerland, about how leaders can make the most of their governors, and about the tricky question of when schools should bring in outside consultants

30th September 2022, 12:00pm (TES Podcast)

Dan Worth

Liz Free

Helping staff achieve their management dreams Tes International

In this episode of the Tes International podcast we chat with Mark Steed, the Principal and CEO of Kellett School, the British International School in Hong Kong about how leaders can give staff meaningful career growth opportunities towards their own leadership goals. He touches on how this involves recognising you may lose talented staff over time – and why this should be embraced – and why existing leaders should spend time explaining the less obvious aspects of leadership to those below them to help set them up for the future
  1. Helping staff achieve their management dreams
  2. Governors and consultants: How to use them to your advantage
  3. The art of induction: Settling into life in NYC
  4. Leading a school through a war: Life as a headteacher in Kiev
  5. The importance of strong community links across the world

In this episode of the Tes International podcast, we chat with Liz Free, CEO and director at International School Rheintal (ISR) in Switzerland, about how she set about establishing a relationship with her board of governors that works for both her and them to benefit the school, and why this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

She also discusses the tricky questions of when and how to call on external consultants to help you – from how you pick the right person or organisation for your needs to how you can make it clear what you want them to do – and why sometimes you have to decide their advice is not right for your setting, even if you’ve paid good money for it. 

You can listen below or on your podcast platform of choice, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.https://player.captivate.fm/episode/605d6203-0bfe-4c5a-9f15-d7dedbe79e39

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