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I’m 33rd in the world!

Apart from quite liking the appearance of the number 33, I now am properly branded 33 (not in age unfortunately!). Today, I unexpectedly received an email from ISC Research informing me that I am officially one of the top influencers of 2021 within international education; I am 33rd.

ISC Research, the leading provider of English-medium K-12 international school data, trends and intelligence, has compiled a list of the most highly rated thought leaders within international education, based on LinkedIn, Twitter and public survey data. Today they ‘named’ these top influencers as ‘Edruptors because of the impact they can have to affect change for educators’. You can download the whitepaper here.

This got me thinking about how we celebrate success. At my fabulous school, the International School Rheintal, we have ‘celebrating success’ as a key tenant of our mission. We look for opportunities to celebrate success in all its guises. A success for one, is a success for us all. We are a community and the journey of learning is fraught with challenge, pits of unknowing (definitely in this time of COVID!) and moments of progress, achievement, attainment and, ultimately, mastery. The journey is as important as the destination. And we work hard to celebrate along the way as we keep the energy, focus and drive to do better.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to celebrate. They also know that I champion our #globalprofession and advocate for the power of education to create a better world. This is predicated on teaching and learning and therefore the exceptional dedication, skill and compassion of the vocation that is teaching. We need to rightly celebrate this profession. As part of this, we need to model celebrating success amongst ourselves as much as we do in our advocating for our students. We need to model giving and receiving in the celebrating of success.

Our profession a is a truly noble profession. It somehow goes against the grain to celebrate success ourselves, and can be ever so slightly uncomfortable and embarrassing. However, I celebrate achieving the heady ranks of 33rd And so, with grace, I hope that the position I am in, and the connections that I have, will continue to make an impact for young people across the world. Thank you ISC Research for leading the charge; and to all those named and our #GlobalProfession, let’s celebrate!

#Intled #TopEdruptors2021


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