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TES Podcast: Why maintaining international networks matters

Liz Free (@LizAmfree) with Dan Worth (@DanWorth), Senior Editor, TES – released 24th November 2020

In the latest edition of the Tes International podcast we chat with Liz Free, the director and CEO of International School Rheintal in Switzerland.

She discusses the challenge that international schools have faced this year, given that their usual routes to connecting with peers have been removed because, unlike home nation schools, they may not have a nearby network of other teachers to talk to about challenges they are facing.

“In the international sector you may be the only international school within hundreds of miles – there isn’t this natural network that you use as a sounding board that you have in a domestic system,” she says…


We chat with Liz Free, the director and CEO of International School Rheintal, about the pitfalls and positives of a year staying connected through online platforms – and what this might mean for the future of everything from CPD to casual catch-ups with colleagues across the world


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